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LinkedIn Learning

We are very pleased to announce LinkedIn Learning with content as USF's new e-learning resource available to students and employees starting June 18th. LinkedIn Learning is an award-winning industry leader in online training, with a digital library of over 6,000 courses covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics. Launching with LinkedIn Learning is a strong commitment to provide e-learning opportunities for students, staff and faculty.

Some LinkedIn Learning features will seem familiar. We’ve kept the most quintessential aspects of Other features are new and exclusive to LinkedIn Learning.

  • The same, high-quality content, now more engaging and social
  • More relevant recommendations informed by insights from the LinkedIn network of 546M+ professionals
  • Learning delivered where your employees are, whether that’s on a mobile device, on LinkedIn,or within your learning management system (LMS)
  • Intuitive admin tools that make it easy to manage users, recommend content, and measure impact

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LinkedIn Learning FAQs

Do learners need LinkedIn Profiles?
No, admins have the option to choose if their learners will need a LinkedIn profile to be able to access LinkedIn Learning, or if they may access it without a profile. Learners will continue to authenticate with Single Sign-On using their NetID and pasword.

Learn more about the benefits of using Learning with your LinkedIn profile.

What if I don’t want my LinkedIn Learning info connected to my LinkedIn profile?
Login access will redirect from to after the upgrade on June 18 where you will activate your account. You will have the option to connect your LinkedIn profile, or you can create a separate Learning account during activation if you do not want your LinkedIn Learning info connected to your LinkedIn profile.

How will this affect courses that I teach?
If you are currently linking directly to any tutorials, we recommend that you update your links before the upgrade. For the links, verify if the URLs (links) have the ? parameter at the end.

If they do, then course and video links will redirect to corresponding LinkedIn Learning course and video. Links to videos will re-direct learners to the LinkedIn Learning course that the video was from, but not the specific video.

If links do not have the parameter at the end they will not redirect. To ensure that your links automatically redirect, add the parameter above to the end of the URL.

Will playlists be ported over?
Playlists will be transferred to LinkedIn Learning as Collections.

Lynda-curated playlists in the Playlist Center will not be transferred to LinkedIn Learning, however new LinkedIn Learning curated collections may be available in the future.