Desktop Security

Here are a few tips on how to keep your Desktop Safe.

Use a Firewall.  This will allow only certain types of data to cross through to your computer. 

Scan for Viruses. A virus scanner will locate and remove most viruses from your hard drive. 

Keep your security software updated. Having the latest software is the best way to defend viruses, malware and other threats to your computer.

Automate software updates. Turn on your automatic updates if it's available. This will ensure you are receiving the latest software.

Back it up. Protect yourself against data loss and save them on another drive.

Plug & Scans. Use your security software to scan USBs and other external devices.

If you need virus protection software for your computer, USF provides Symantec Endpoint Protection to students free of charge. You will need a NetID and password to access the software. Download it here.

As a reminder, USF will NEVER ask for your password or threaten that your account will be inactive by asking you to click on a link.