Duo Authentication

What is Duo?

USF is implementing an additional layer of security for access to the GEMS, FAST and GEMS Self Service business applications. This new layer is DUO, a Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) method which is easy to use and can be setup in a few minutes. Two-Factor Authentication has become an industry standard practice to help combat unauthorized access to critical business systems and data. USF is implementing this authentication method to help provide a safe and secure computing environment for all of its employees.

While this will add an additional step during the login process, it will further secure USF's business systems and, importantly, your personal information.  This is done by sending a message to your mobile device or by calling your desk phone each time you access GEMS, FAST or GEMS Self Service, asking you to confirm that you are attempting access.  Several USF departments and employees are already using TFA/DUO successfully. 

Duo will be required for all USF System employees starting Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

How do I use it?

Basic setup instructions are included below. You can view a PDF of our full Instruction Guide here, for more detailed directions and frequently asked questions.

1. Login to the Duo Management site.   Follow the instructions to set up your mobile device, tablet, desk phone, and/or U2F token for authentication verification.  We recommend registering multiple devices or phone numbers, at least one of which you will always have easy access to.

2. If using a mobile device for authentication, install the Duo app from your mobile app store. 

3. You may now access Duo-protected applications.  GEMS, GEMS Self Service and FAST will be using this authentication method starting April 19th.

Refer to our FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions. 

See the full Instruction Guide for detailed instructions and frequently asked questions, or contact the IT Service Desk (813-974-1222 or for additional assistance.