Have questions about DUO?

Check out our frequently asked questions below, and contact our IT Service Desk at (813) 974-1222 with any additional questions.

What is two-factor authentication?
Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security when logging into a website.

What two-factor authentication is USF using?

USF IT has chosen to use DUO for two-factor authentication.  Their Guide to Two-Factor Authentication is an excellent reference.

What are my authentication options?
You have four options

What are Passcodes?
If you opt-out of the DUO Mobile Application push notifications, there are a variety of passcode options to utilize as your second verification method.

Which U2F tokens are approved by USF IT and where do I purchase a U2F Token?
USF IT has tested and is recommending two U2F tokens for those who prefer this option for authenticating.  These may be purchased from the vendor of your choice. Purchase links listed are demonstration of the exact tokens tested and a suggestion for where they may be purchased.

Do I need to buy DUO Mobile? The Appstore is requesting credit card information.
The DUO Mobile app is free. Please ensure you are accessing the correct app page via the links below.

I am already using DUO via another entity. Will my existing DUO account and app conflict with the USF system?
You will be able to add multiple accounts to the DUO app. An example of what this may look like can be found here.

Will I still need to use the VPN to access GEMS and FAST from off campus?
You will still need the VPN to access FAST from off campus. Duo authentication will be an additional step needed to access both GEMS and FAST.

When I visit all I see is a Secure Page, how can I change my DUO settings?
If you are already authenticated into the DUO system, you will see this Secure Page. In order to make changes to your account visit from within a fresh browser session. This can be done by using another web browser, a Private, or Incognito window.

My cellphone isn't able to use the DUO app. What other options do I have?
You have three other options.

Can I have more than once device or phone number added to the DUO system?
Yes. Multiple devices and phone numbers can be listed. When Authenticating choose the specific device you wish to use to authenticate.  Having more than one device is recommended.

If my phone does not have a connection to a mobile network, how will I authenticate?

What if I am traveling abroad?
You have several choices when traveling abroad. Test them prior to traveling so you can verify which solution is best for you.

Why doesn't my phone show a popup from DUO or display a notification?
Different phones handle this differently. Apple phones don't allow the popup, and you have to set notifications for each app appropriately. See DUO's documentation on troubleshooting iOS issues here for more information. You can view similar instructions for Android devices here.

What if I receive a DUO authorization request I did not initiate?
If you receive an authentication request you did not initiate, it may be an indication that someone else is trying to gain access to your account. Deny the request and report it to IT service desk. You should also immediately change your NetID password by visiting