Guest Account System

If a department or college is bringing a guest to the University, they may need to access USF services. Depending upon the business needs, activities, and resources needed, the guest may be eligible for an entry in our Guest Account System.

Please Note: An entry in our Guest Account System does NOT guarantee access to USF services or resources. Access to specific USF services and resources is controlled by the owners of those services and resources and is subject to the request and approval processes for those services.

A Guest is an individual who needs access to certain USF services (such as Workstation Login, Email account, Shared Drives and Shared Printers, ID Card, and others). This individual does NOT have a recognized affiliation with the University, such as a current faculty, staff, or student.

Guests are responsible for:

  • Providing accurate identity information to their Requestor
  • Complying with USF Policies and USF Information Technology Standards
  • Acknowledging and abiding by the terms of USF IT’s Acceptable Use Policy
Who should NOT be considered for a Guest Account?
Recently Terminated Employees

For purposes of retaining access to services, such as email or library electronic resources, which are usually provided to employees.

Future Employees

They should be entered into GEMS. Please contact HR for further explanation. (Obtaining services for a new employee)

Future Students

They should be entered into OASIS. Please contact the Office of the Registrar.
Visiting or Courtesy Faculty Please contact HR for further explanation. The appropriate form can be found on the HR Forms site Courtesy Faculty Appt Form
Visiting Scholars They should be entered into OASIS. Please contact International Student Services.
Travelers Persons who will Travel on behalf of USF and reimbursed for Travel expenses via Travel Module. Please use the Travel Department's form.
Non-Employees who may do "employee-like" activities   Individuals who need access to systems usually restricted to USF-paid employees, such GEMS, FAST, P-Card, or GEMS Self-Service to approve leave for USF employees (which also requires access to the MyUSF Portal). Please contact HR for further explanation. The appropriate form can be found on the HR form site Non-Employee Record in GEMS Request
Trainees Persons taking training tracked in the GEMS Training module. Please contact the HR Training Support team to have non-employees added to GEMS to use this feature.
Guest Lecturers and Conference Attendees  Please contact the IT Help Desk for guidance.
 Individuals only needing temporary Wireless Access   Guest Wireless Service

If you have additional questions please email .