IAMUSF Program Summary

Objectives of Program

  • Establish a trusted, global identification system that includes the entire USF community: students, alumni, faculty, staff, vendors, guests, and contractors.
  • Enable applications such as Blackboard, Google Apps, MyUSF, and other to automatically grant access to University resources and revoke access  based on the user's identity and role.
  • Integrate multiple access mechanism into one set of credentials, minimizing the need for multiple IDs and multiple passwords used on different systems.
  • Create federated and single-sign-on systems that will allow cooperation and enhance research opportunities between USF and other Universities around the world.  

Program Areas

  • Identity Management: obtaining Personal Identifiable Information from multiple sources of data and merging them into one record that identifies the person at USF.
  • Access Management: addresses the multiple facets of providing the users access to the resources they need to perform their job.
  • Provisioning and De-provisioning: granting, revoking, and tracking access to specific resources in an automated manner.
  • On-boarding and Off-boarding: modifying type of access to a resource based on the role a user has within the University.
  • Single Authentication Source: providing a redundant, reliable source for authentication based on know standards supported by many applications.
  • Single Sign-On Federation: providing the means for diverse systems already in full operation to form a web of trust, allowing the user to move from one trusted application to another without the need to re-authenticate.