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Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for Students


Updated 5/8/2020

Plans to consolidate USF email systems have been accelerated due to conditions surrounding remote learning and the USF campus consolidation. Having all students, faculty and staff on the same email system will allow for improved communication and collaboration. In support of this effort, USF has changed the official email address for all students from (gmail) to (Microsoft Office 365) effective May 8, 2020. If you are already using your new address, no further action is required.

This means that official messages from USF (including from OASIS, CANVAS and other departments) are now being sent to your new address.

Important points:

  • Your old address isn’t going away. It will be available for some time to come and any individual, non-official messages sent to it will also forward to your new account.
  • If you use google docs associated with your account, you may continue to do so.
  • Setup your phone today to access your new email address by visiting: 

Office 365 Email

How is my email changing?

USF began offering students new Office 365 email addresses on March 23rd to facilitate remote learning and improved collaboration. Effective May 8, 2020 this new address became the official email address for all students. This means your Gmail is switching to an Office 365 account. You will not lose access to your account, and we are forwarding individual, non-official messages to your new account. Your new account will be your official USF email address, for all students.

What do I need to do?

You do not need to make many changes as all of your incoming email will forward. Any existing methods you use to connect with your email account will need to be updated - phone/tablet, computer, and email programs. To learn how to set-up your account, select the "How do I access my new email account" drop-down below.

You will retain access to your and all G-Suite services like Google Drive and Google Docs.

Your username and password are your and NetID password.

How do I access my new email account?

You have several methods of access for your new Office 365 account. Read below for the option that you need.

To add your account to your various devices, select the configuration option you need.

Office 365 Email FAQ's

What will happen to my account?

We will migrate your data at a later date - we do not yet have a timeline. For now you are able to login and access everything you need. However we strongly encourage you to use the email account. To assist we are forwarding your new email for you from your account to your new account.

How can I get help and training with my new email account?

We have several helpful documentation and training links below to get you started with your new email account. 

Microsoft teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool. Teams combines chat rooms, video/voice, file sharing, meetings, and many other features into one application. You can use Teams for meetings, virtual remote sessions, and individual/group chats. 

Download Microsoft Teams for all Devices


Open Microsoft Teams


What can I do with Teams?

USF is using Teams to provide synchronous virtual learning experiences with your faculty. Teams is not replacing Canvas, but instead allows you to connect with your Professor during class time, or in smaller groups in a virtual remote session.

Video Conferencing and Meetings

Microsoft Teams is a robust video chat platform. You can attend your class meetings, schedule group meetings with classmates, or create ad-hoc calls within your channels. Visit this link for more information on meetings in Teams, or watch the videos below.

Channels, Chat and Messaging in Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a range of chat services, organized into Teams and Channels. Channels are focused conversation areas within a Team. You can also do one-to-one and small group chats as well. Review the links below for more information on using the chat features within Teams.

File Storage and Collaboration

Teams offers a large amount of file storage, specific to each Team. Your Professor may use it to store files for the course, recordings, or any other pertinent material. As a student you may also use this storage to collaborate with your fellow students on group assignments. You can all edit the same file, at the same time, and ensure its always saved. Review the links below to get started.

How can I get more training on Teams?

There is an abundance of self-guided training material and help for Teams. We have some suggested trainings below, and some useful support websites if you encounter any issues. We encourage you to review them as you have time.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Safety and Best Practices

Visit and download the guide below for best practices on conducting Teams meeting in safe environment.

Student Best Practices and Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know my password - How do I reset it?

To reset your password, visit and follow the available instructions. 

How do I make sure I receive all Teams notices?

Microsoft Teams does not enable many notifications by default. This has benefits and detriments, so we encourage you to be aware of this behavior. Read through the links below for information on appropriately setting your notifications.

Why does my Teams meeting invite have a phone number?

Microsoft Teams offers dial-in conferencing. This means that for a meeting, you have the option of calling the attached phone number to enter the meeting.

How can I mute a chat?

Sometimes the notifications can be overwhelming. To mute a chat, select the 'ellipses' and then select 'mute'.

Is there any specific device that I need for Teams?

Teams will work on web, mobile, and PC/MAC/Linux. As for a microphone and webcam, you can use any normal headset, or webcam/microphone installed on your portable device. If you do have trouble in a meeting, visit the link below.

Can I make my own team?

Yes - this feature is available for everyone.

How can I download Microsoft Office?

You can download Office at

I am an Alumni - where do I fit in?

Alumni will eventually be provided with a account. However you should continue to use your account and wait for targeted messaging.

I am graduating - what happens to my Office 365 account?

Once you graduate, you will only retain a mailbox. For items like OneNote and OneDrive, please be sure to export these prior to graduation. The following services are only available to current students:

  • Microsoft Office Downloads
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote

Note that the list is not exhaustive, but instead represents the major areas where you store your valued content. 

Please visit the link below for assistance with moving content out of those various areas. Note that the process will require a personal Microsoft account.