Office 365

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection is Microsoft's world-class security suite for all Office 365 workloads. Read below for a description of the various services and how they enable us to operate more securely. 

Safe Attachments

Safe Attachments is an advanced scanning system that operates in concert with our Exchange Online Protection (EOP) system for email. It takes the attachment, "detonates" it on a Microsoft secure system, and examines it for traces of malware or other malicious items. Any content found malicious will be blocked, offering greater trust in the attachments you receive.

Safe Links

Safe Links evaluates the links in an email message for malicious websites and replaces the URL with a longer URL that begins with "". The link is examined and is blocked if it is unsafe. These links can be blocked in real time, preventing and mitigating the impact of advanced phishing attacks designed to mimic USF systems.

Please still report suspicious emails and other items to, and you should always exercise caution when clicking links or opening attachments via email.

OneDrive, Teams, and Sharepoint

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection scans for threats in files within OneDrive, Teams, or Sharepoint. These threats are typically malicious files, which are then blocked from interaction. A blocked file will appear as in the screenshot below.

Blocked file in Office 365

Once a file is blocked, you will not be able to interact with it in any way other than delete it. Please click this link for more information.

If you have a blocked file that you believe is done in error, please place a ticket to including the information below.

  1. File name
  2. File location