Office 365


What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is about moving computing tasks off your computer, or off USF's premises to a host provider. Cloud services are easy to recognize. They...

Many people interact with cloud services already, such as Gmail, Facebook, and Youtube. Microsoft Office 365 offers USF similar services for Email, collaboration tools, productivity tools and file storage.

Services that used to be hosted by USF IT, but are now in the cloud include: Canvas LMS, ServiceNow, and Email. Hosting these services in the cloud provides USF a cost savings, additional storage capability, better business continuity design, and often additional functionality.

Is my data secure on cloud services, and what about compliance?

Information security is extremely important, and our clients need to know that the data they share reaches only the intended recipient. Microsoft has published a Top List of questions and answers regarding security, compliance, and privacy.

How do I access my services?

Login to MyUSF, hover over the Email tab and select USF Office 365. You will be brought to your mailbox. From there, you can select the grid in the upper left (the "waffle") and select all of your Office 365 apps.