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News and Updates - July 2019

Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business!

In the spring, USF Information Technology announced the availability of Microsoft Teams for USF Tampa and USF Sarasota faculty and staff.

Microsoft plans to move from Skype for Business to Teams. Teams offers a richer meeting and video conferencing experience, and numerous collaborative features compared to what is offered by Skype for Business.

In keeping with Microsoft’s strategy to replace Skype for Business, we will be transitioning to a Teams only experience.

Teams only goes live on August 5th 2019. Your meetings will automatically convert to Teams at that time. 

What happens to my existing Skype for Business meetings when we transition to Teams Only?

We migrate those for you. Your existing Skype for Business meetings will be automatically upgraded to Microsoft Teams.

Can I still use Skype for Business after we transition to Teams Only?

You may retain the Skype for Business client to join meetings that have been organized by external parties; however, you will not be able to initiate a Skype for Business chat, call, or meeting.


Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection service is now available. This application suite offers greater security, providing peace of mind as you use your USF Email. One feature that you may notice is your URL's will change, starting with "". This allows for link verification, preventing phishing links and other malicious websites from opening.

For more information, please click "Advanced Threat Protection" on the left.

Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox is available now, and ready for your use. Please click Focused Inbox on the left for more information.