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Skype for Business Overview


Skype for Business is a communication tool that allows you to chat in real time with coworkers and those at affiliate universities. Basic features include availability indicators, instant messaging, whiteboard, document presentation, file sharing and online meetings. Video conferencing and voice chat is also available when a web camera and microphone are connected.

Skype for Business has a strong integration with Microsoft Outlook, allowing for meeting scheduling through Outlook for virtual Skype meetings. Skype for Business also provides a platform for collaborative interaction between clients through desktop sharing. Clients may give control of their desktop, allowing meeting participants to work together on the same documents. 

Note: Please notify IT if you need to collaborate with a specific university using Skype outside of a meeting. You can create a meeting with external recipients, but we will need to add an allowance for additional services such as chat.

Use the following links to become familiar with how Skype can transform your everyday communications into powerful and time saving experiences.

Client Installation

Skype for Business is already installed for you on your USF managed computer. Instructions are below for installing to a personal device.

Installation instructions for manually installing the Skype client on your personal computer or mobile device can be found here.

Mac clients can receive the newest Skype 2016 for Mac download here.

Note: If you are on a Mac and experiencing issues editing your contacts, click here for a workaround.

1. Log in to Outlook Web Access through MyUSF or at

2. Select the Skype icon in the upper right

3. Select the magnifying glass icon, then enter the person you wish to add

4. Their user page will pop up, select the Add to Contacts option 

Additional help topics about Skype can be found at Microsoft's page located here.

Skype for Business Audio Conferencing

Note: this feature is not yet available.

Audio Conferencing is an available feature that allows you to attach a phone number to a Skype meeting. This allows attendee's to call in, regardless of whether they have Skype for Business installed. The phone number will automatically attach to your meeting when you create a Skype for Business meeting. The meeting invite will now contain a section titled "Join by phone" like the screenshot below.

Skype Meeting Broadcast

Note: this feature is not yet available.

Skype Meeting Broadcast is a feature that allows you to broadcast your meeting to a large audience (up to 10,000 attendees). This is ideal for large lectures, lecture-style presentations, or cases where audience response is the intent.

Please review the instructions here  for assistance. 


Skype Basics 

Adding Contacts and Creating Groups

Contacting Co-Workers Through Skype

Adjusting Audio and Video Settings


Read below for documentation on creating, joining, and using Skype for Business meetings.

Audio Setup and Making Calls


Contacts, Presence and IM

Sharing Content and Collaborating

Skype Meetings

If you need assistance with Skype, contact the Help Desk 24/7 by calling (813) 974-1222, or by emailing us at