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Below are some tips and tricks related to the Office 365 migration process, as well as daily use after you have been migrated.

OWA Offline Mode

OWA is supported in Offline Mode if you use Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 18, or Safari 5.1. Offline mode is similar to running in cached mode when using an Outlook client. When using offline mode, the contents of your mailbox are downloaded to your computer to improve performance, and to allow you access to your mailbox if you are not connected to the internet (offline).

OWA Supported Browsers

Information on supported browsers for OWA.

Recover Deleted Items

When an item is deleted, it is moved to the Deleted Items folder. Items are retained in the Deleted Items folder for a period of 30 days, then they are automatically purged. Once removed from the Deleted Items folder, an item is still recoverable for 14 days using the Recover Deleted Items feature.

Shared Mailbox Access

USF utilizes shared mailboxes for a variety of reasons. Some are used as room calendars, or for equipment scheduling. Others are used for communications that should be sent from a departmental email address, rather than an individual. And of course, many of our users allow assistants or student workers to manage their calendar or communications for them. This PDF document should tell you everything that you need to know about shared mailboxes, an

Online Archive

An Office 365 Archive is like a second mailbox hosted on Exchange online and can provide a centralized storage of email messages, email folders, email message attachments, contacts, calendar items, and so on. They appear automatically in OWA and Outlook (2010+) like a PST file would previously in your Folder list when they are enabled by the Server Administrators. These archives are stored on the Exchange server, so you are able to access to them