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OWA Offline Mode

OWA is supported in Offline Mode if you use Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 18, or Safari 5.1. Offline mode is similar to running in cached mode when using an Outlook client. When using offline mode, the contents of your mailbox are downloaded to your computer to improve performance, and to allow you access to your mailbox if you are not connected to the internet (offline). For detailed information, please see this link: OWA Offline Mode

When using Offline mode in OWA, you may see the following prompt:

"Do you want to allow to exceed the storage limit on your computer?"

You'll receive this message the first time you access the account on a computer when offline access is enabled. If you click Yes (and you should), you won't see the message again, unless the cache is full. If you're asked to increase the cache size later and say no, OWA will cache as much as it can, but you risk having less of your information available when you're offline. You should only receive this alert when you use Internet Explorer; Chrome won't ask and offline access is not supported in FireFox. Offline access is not supported on small devices like tablets and smartphones.

To check your offline settings in OWA, go to the Gear icon and choose Offline Settings. This will bring up the "wizard".

On the first screen, you'll choose whether to turn offline access on or off. The next screen will ask if you the only user of the computer.

The remaining screens warn you about the storage limit (and tell you to answer yes when asked) and tell you how to create a bookmark in favorites for OWA.

To check the amount of space OWA is using for cache, open Internet Options (IE's Tools menu), then click Settings. Switch to the Caches and Databases tab to check your cache size.

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