Health Account Migration

(Note: This page provides general information. If you would like to jump directly into the technical details, click here to head to our knowledgebase.)


IT is working on changes that will make the technology platforms across the campuses integrated and seamless.

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These changes will:

  • give us all a single unified account for most technology tools and services
  • improve security
  • streamline processes like creating guest/VIP accounts and the department approver process, which make it easier to use products such as Microsoft Teams (a great solution for videoconferencing and collaborating)

To do this we are re-architecting our identity management system and consolidating our tenants (Health domain moving to Forest domain). This will enable all on the USF campus to collaborate and access all IT applications and platforms more easily (no longer need to reset a password for both your netID and Health account).

These changes will most affect how users with Health accounts sign into our systems. There are some activities Health end users can do in advance of their respective college/unit migration that will ease the transition. See below.


Our netIDs will become our new email address. For example:

  • NetID = myNetID
  • Health email =
  • New email =

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The Health email will continue to exist as an alias. This means if anyone emails you there, it will automatically forward to your new email. When you reply, your email will show as your address.

There will be other impacts. See the link to our knowledgebase below for instructions on navigating specific functions.


Health colleges and departments will not all migrate at the same time. There will be 5 migration waves occurring the end of August through end of October.

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Every 2 weeks a new migration wave will occur until all 5 migration waves are complete. The best time a college or business unit can migrate is being planned around key dates and activities. Leadership and 'Change Champions' of colleges and business units are informing IT on the preferred/best migration timings for their areas. 

Check the chart below for tentative dates for migration of each unit:

Consolidation Waves
Wave Date Who is Included
Wave 1 Friday - Aug 23rd IT employees
Wave 2 Friday - Sept 6th
  • CON
  • COP
  • Shimberg Library
  • Health Development Office
Wave 3 Friday - Sept 20th
  • COPH
Wave 4 Friday - Oct 4th
  • MCOM
Wave 5 Friday - Oct 11th
  • USMA
  • GME Residents
Wave 6 Friday - Oct 18th
  • VP's office
  • SSS
  • Facilities
  • Any remaining accounts

Where to go from here?

We have lots of helpful information for you in our knowledgebase, such as:

  • how to check your NetID and reset the password if needed
  • how to log in to your primary workstation and other systems
  • what is happening with your official email address
  • how to use Microsoft Teams (which is replacing Skype for Business)
  • and much more

For more information, click here to go to the landing page for this project within our knowledgebase.