Qualtrics Survey Tool

Qualtrics is a dynamic online survey development suite which is available to faculty, staff, and students, offering data collection, aggregation, and analysis tools that facilitate research in multiple disciplines. With the additional ability to poll beyond the USF community, surveys can have a broad range of participants.

It is used with both qualitative and quantitative research methods and includes options for survey collaboration and distribution. The addition of the Qualtrics mobile surveying app allows users to collect data on mobile devices with or without network connectivity. Increasing access to mobile and in-person surveying options is a powerful addition to the research tools at USF.

Login here with your NetID to get immediate access to the application.

Qualtrics has put together some information to help you get started: (click links for more information)


The Qualtrics application allows users to:

  • Create and distribute powerful surveys electronically
  • Track participation, send invitations, and reminders directly
  • Easily access raw data exports as well as functional visual statistic representations
  • Collaborate with any Qualtrics user but still control permissions and access

Advanced features available by default include: (click links for more information)

API Integration - Automate repetitive processes or pass information in and out of Qualtrics

File Upload - Allow respondents to upload a file along with their survey

Offline App - Administer surveys on your mobile device while offline

Tableau Integration - Automate the flow of survey data into Tableau to analyze and manipulate

Question Highlight (trial) - Present survey participants with an interactive text sample

Digital Signature (trial) - Provides a space for digital signature

Additionally, these features are available for your surveys upon request:

Groups and Libraries - Share survey templates, panels, messages and graphics libraries among groups and/or colleges

Requesting help

If you would like expanded functionality, need access to additional surveys or email addresses, or have any other issues with Qualtrics, we are here to help! Send us an email to