Remote Desktop Gateway

The Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) is used to access your on-campus Windows computer from another remote computer. It provides additional security for our connections with university computing resources.

Note: It is not recommended that you transfer files between the computers connected with RDG. No large file transfers or playing of video content on the destination machine should be attempted. Small files such as documents and spreadsheets are acceptable. For larger transfers, use Office 365's OneDrive cloud storage (instructions here), or

Step 1: Requirements and Setup

Destination Computer:

The computer you are connecting to must be running Windows 7 or above; you cannot use RDG to connect to a Mac, though you can connect from a Mac.

You will need to know the computer's name (ends in, or its IP address. You can find instructions in our knowledgebase, here.

Step 2: Connecting

Initiating Computer:

You can use most modern web browsers to access the Gateway (Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft's). Just make sure your browser is the most recent version.

If you are connecting from Windows, click here to expand instructions.

1. Open your browser and navigate to, and login. Here you can set desired resolution and other options.

2. Enter the computer name or IP address you wish to connect to.

3. Click Find Computer. RDG will go through a series of checks and display the results to you, making sure the computer is found, is awake and that your connection is solid.

4. Click Connect. RDG will download a 'USFRemoteAccess.rdp' file.

5. Execute this file.

6. You will now be prompted by your destination computer to log in with your credentials. Remember to add 'forest\' as your domain if needed.

7. If you are using it, you will be prompted for dual-factor authentication as usual.

Once you have completed this process, you will have a window to your destination computer and may use it as if you were sitting in front of it. When you are finished you can simply log out of your remote computer and the window will close.

For more help, you may contact the Helpdesk, or review more detailed instructions in our knowledgebase, here.

 If you are connecting from a Mac, you can view detailed instructions in our knowledgebase, here.

If you are connecting from an iPad, you can view detailed instructions in our knowledgebase, here.