SUNCOM Audio Conference Services

SUNCOM offers two types of audio conference services: Meet Me and Event Call. Meet Me provides on-demand audio conferencing, allowing you to initiate a conference call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 150 participants without the need to make a reservation. Regardless of the time of the day or how quickly you need to set up a conference call, Meet Me conferencing allows the user the freedom and access to coordinate a conference on any schedule. Event Call conference services are ideal for those high profile conference calls when you need a more professional touch. In addition to being able to select from many features such as record, replay, transcription and Q&A, you have the ability to consult privately with your fellow speakers in a private, “back-stage” sub-conference.

Initiating a Meet Me audio conference is as simple as dialing a permanent toll-free number and entering your chairperson code. Participants will also dial this toll free number and enter the participant code that you provide before the conference. Should you experience any issues or problems with a Meet Me audio conference, an operator is always available and may be requested by entering “0”. There are no time limits and the chairperson has access to several conference control features via either the telephone keypad or desktop controller. Event Calls are scheduled by calling the SUNCOM conferencing Help Desk.

Features Benefits
On demand conferencing available 24x7 with no reservation required. Schedule and coordinate a conference call on your schedule. Particularly useful during emergencies or disasters.
Pay only for usage with no setup fees or minimum monthly service charge. You will only be billed when the service is used.
Features include mute/unmute of the group, conference lock, roll call, recording, security PIN, and request for operator assistance. Allows you to control and manage your conference.


If you have any questions, please contact your Voice and Data Communications Specialists.