VIP System

If a department or college is bringing a guest to the University, they may need to access USF services. Depending upon the business needs, activities, and resources needed, the guest may be eligible for an entry in our VIP System.

Please Note: An entry in our VIP System does not guarantee access to USF services or resources. Access to USF services and resources is controlled by the owners of those services and resources

Read the FAQs below to find out more and view the VIP process.

USF IT Identity Management's Definition of a VIP

  • A VIP is a guest of the University, sponsored by a currently "active" USF employee, who may need access to certain services, depending on the business reason provided.

In many cases, the VIP has not been previously associated or otherwise affiliated with USF.

What are the responsibilities of the VIP?

When should a person be identified as a VIP?

  • An individual does not have a recognized affiliation with the University.
  • Needs access to certain services, such as Workstation Login, Email account, Shared Drives and Shared Printers, ID Card, etc.
  • Their Identity (First Name, Last Name, and DOB) does not exist in an official system of record for the USF System (GEMS, OASIS, Health Banner, Continuing Education, etc.)

Note: This means the person has never been previously associated with USF or currently does not belong in any other system of record as determined by the VIP Administrator.

Who should not be identified as a VIP?

  • Recently Terminated Employees for purposes of retaining access to services, such as email or library electronic resources, which are usually provided to employees.
  • Future Employees. They should be entered in to GEMS. Please contact HR for further explanation. (Obtaining services for a new employee)
  • Future Students. They should be entered in to OASIS. Please contact the Office of the Registrar.
  • Visiting or Courtesy Faculty. Please contact HR for further explanation.
    The appropriate form can be found on the HR Forms site: Courtesy Faculty Appt Form
  • Visiting Scholars. They should be entered into OASIS. Please contact International Student Services.
  • Travelers. Persons who will Travel on behalf of USF and reimbursed for Travel expenses via Travel Module. Please use the Travel Department's form.
  • Non-Employees who may do "employee-like" activities and need access to systems usually restricted to USF-paid employees, such GEMS, FAST, P-Card, or GEMS Self-Service to approve leave for USF employees (which also requires access to the MyUSF Portal). Please contact HR for further explanation. The appropriate form can be found on the HR form site: Non-Employee Record in GEMS Request
  • Trainees. Persons taking training tracked in the GEMS Training module. Please contact the HR Training Support team to have non-employees added to GEMS to use this feature.
  • Guest Lecturers and Conference Attendees. Please contact the IT Help Desk for guidance.
  • Wireless Access. Guest Wireless Service
  • USF Health – Guests, Visitors, Volunteers, Visiting Faculty, Researchers, Visiting Students. Persons who will be associated with any department identified as part of USF Health are not eligible for services through VIP. This VIP System will not benefit the person and we cannot grant nor enable access to the services a USF Health Guest will need as provided by Health Information Systems.

    Two Options are Available for Access to USF Health IS resources:

    • MD-Banner – Request entry for an individual whose relationship is similar in nature to a "Student", such as taking classes, coursework, etc.

      Please contact the Student Affairs Office at the appropriate College or School:

    • GEMS – Request entry for individual in to GEMS by having your Department HR complete one of the following forms (see above for forms):

      • For persons who will be teaching or overseeing any activities of USF Health Students, please request a Courtesy Faculty Appointment.
        USF Health Faculty Affairs Website
        Please contact Faculty Affairs for additional assistance.

      • For all other persons, please request a Non-Employee Record in GEMS. Please ensure your request specifically states that the Job Code must be a "valid job code" (title, function, or activities in which engaged) with Sal Plan 97-99 for the appropriate affiliation to be granted.
        Please note: Job Code 9999 is not a valid job code per USF IT and Health IS.

For more information about Health IS access to services, please visit the Health IS Website.

Who may be authorized to Sponsor a VIP?

  • A Sponsor must be a currently "active" USF employee (they are paid by USF via GEMS payroll).

What are the requirements of the Sponsor?

  • Please allow at least 5 business days for your request to be processed.
  • Provide accurate identity information about your VIP(s).
  • You assume responsibility for the VIP and their use of and activities within USF IT resources for the duration of time for which you are sponsoring them.
  • You will be contacted regarding any suspicious behavior involving your sponsored VIP(s) accounts, including their NetIDs.
  • You are expected to contact if the status or information about your sponsored VIP changes
  • .Respond to any IT-Security requests during your sponsorship of your VIP(s), such as during renewal periods.

How does someone sponsor one or more VIPs?

  • If you are requesting to be a Sponsor, please send an email to as follows:
    • In the Subject line, please enter: "Request to become a Sponsor for VIPs". This will ensure the appropriate Team Member receives your request.
    • In the Body of the email, please provide the following information:
      • Sponsor's contact information, including the following:
        • Sponsor's Name (this person must be an "Active" USF Employee)
        • Sponsor's EmplID
        • Sponsor's Campus Phone
        • Sponsoring Dept Number
        • Do you accept the responsibilities of being a Sponsor for VIPs?
    • Information about the Group and VIP(s)
      • Sponsoring Program/ Reason for Request (VIP Group Type)
      • Please explain what the individual(s) will be doing while they are here at USF. Also, explain what services or resources they may need while they are here.
        • In other words, we will need for you to answer the following:
          • Who are they?
          • Why are they here?
          • What do they need while they are here?
            Some services to consider; however, not all services may be available for VIPs. Please discuss with our VIP Admin
          • ID Card
          • VPN access
          • Workstation Login
          • Email account (Gmail or Exchange)
          • Access to Shared Drives (Request through ADR)
          • Access to Shared Printers (Request through ADR)
          • Building Access
          • Other services not listed. Please discuss with our VIP Admin. VIP may not be the proper system for your individuals or group.

Once you have been approved as a Sponsor for your requested Group, please send an email to with the following information for each of your VIP(s): Requests may take up to 5 business days to process!

  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Date of Birth (Month – DD – YYYY)
  • External Contact Phone Number for Individual, including Area Code
  • External Email Address for Individual
    • Note: IT Security will need to communicate directly (via phone and email) with the Individual, so a contact phone number and email address is required.
  • Previous Last Names that may have been used, if previously associated with USF
  • An IT Security Team member will contact the individual(s) directly to obtain the SSN for your VIP(s).
  • Information regarding VIP's Assignment, which includes:
    • Sponsor's NetID
    • VIP Group Type
    • Start Date – defaults to today
    • End Date – up to 6 months after the Start Date (but can be renewed later through IT-Security)
    • Location of the Assignment: Bldg, Room
    • Additional Information which can be helpful so we can fulfill this request.