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Monday, March 3
9:30am - 10:30am
Royal Palm Ballroom 2100 A

Dave Olsen
Professional Technologist, University Relations - Web at West Virginia University

Dave OlsenDave Olsen has been a programmer with the University Relations - Web unit at West Virginia University (WVU) for the last eleven years. Over that time he has worked on and led projects that range from developing an university-wide CMS to creating award-winning marketing web sites. For the last five years he has also worked on implementing mobile solutions for the University. These include SMS-based services, WVU's central mobile web portal as well as a number of responsive web sites.

In addition to his work a WVU, Dave has released and contributed to a number of open source projects. These include personal projects like Mobile Web OSP, Detector and Throttle as well as community projects like ua-parser and most recently, Patter Lab. He also wrote a chapter on web performance for Smashing Magazine's "The Mobile Book" which was released in December 2012.  Dave has spoken at a number of conferences including Breaking Development, Confab Higher Ed, and the Responsive Web Design Summit. He also shares what he's learned about mobile on his personal blog,

 "The Squishy Future of Content"

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With the adoption of responsive design, we're finding that our pixel perfect content is no longer being placed in pixel perfect boxes on pixel perfect web sites. Placeholder content no longer suffices during development. Copy and paste doesn't work in migrating between designs. With the emergence of the small screen as a primary computing device, web site design is more strongly informed by our content than ever before. With these changes we need to rethink how content affects layouts, and how we can best communicate these changes and engage with stakeholders to create future-friendly web sites.

  • Learn why we need to be advocates for content at all phases of a project.
  • Explore the fundamental content types and content rules that will shape how content flows and is viewed by visitors.
  • Learn how content choreography can help keep our stakeholders most important message the focus of your site.
  • Review and rethink our web development workflows to create a new process that is better suited to addressing the constraints of the small screen.