Program Information


Delivering a New Student Lifecycle Mobile App

Monday, March 3
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Spirit Room 2707

The University of Arizona

Presenters: Frank Feagans and Wayne Peterson
Level: Intermediate

This presentation will address the case study below by walking you through a step by step process of lessons learned, best practices and discovery to successfully accomplishing their goal.

Case Study:
In July 2013, the Web/Mobile Services team from the University of Arizona was contacted with a problem. The contract with the current solution provider for the Arizona Mobile App was expiring and we needed to provide additional functionality that was being requested by the students. Students wanted the ability to add/drop classes, view their grades, and assignments through integration between app and the LMS.  Our options were: 1. Extend the contract; 2. Develop our own mobile app; 3. Use an outside vendor; or 4. Find a different mobile provider.

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