Program Information


West Virginia University



               Dave Olsen, Professional Technologist, University Relations - Web



                   Oakland University                   Aaron Grant, Senior Applications Architect
                                      Lori Tirpak, Director of Enterprise Systems




The Ohio State University

     Steve Fischer, Director, Web and Mobile


The University of Arizona

             Frank Feagans, Senior Director, Enterprise Applications
             Wayne Peterson, Assistant Director, Web/Mobile Services
             Lauren Sekora, Senor Business Analyst


University of Florida

            Jacob Prater, Developer Analyst




                                       Christopher Akin, IT Director, Web Services
                                       Ryan Atkisson, Systems Administrator
                                       Jason Hair, Assistant Director, Software Engineering
                                       Jason Lehman, Applications Developer
                                       Shelley Stewart, eLearning Facilitator
                                                                   Craig Woolley, Assistant Vice President, Administrative and Support Services


University of West Florida

                      Janusz Chudzynski, Research Associate




Hendrix College                         David Hinson, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer




 Drexel University                                  George Mathew, Chief Technology Officer, Goodwin College
                                   of Professional Studies




                 PHSC                 Sonia Rodriguez, Associate Dean
                                  Dave Mayler, Programmer Analyst


Absolute Mobile Solutions                                              Alfred Goldberg, Co-Founder and President of the Americas



Act Soft                           Drew Bickers, Sales Manager  
                           Aaron Watkins, National Director of Sales



 Adobe                                              Ryan Dietz, Digital Media Specialist




airwatch                                 Preston Winn, Director of Business Development



ATT                                         Dwayne Stafford, AT&T Mobile Application Industry Specialist





Bell Techlogix

                 Jan Barlow, Director, Education and Emerging Markets
                 Matt Woodruff, Manager, Technical Services




                   Tom DeBacco, CEO



 GoRobos                  Leslie Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder





                                     LisaLab 3 Marketing Demmi, Chief Communications Scientist




 Microsoft                  Dwight Jesseman, Account Technology Strategist



 Modo Labs

                                          Andrew Yu, Chief Technology Officer & Founder
                                          Stewart Elliot, CEO



 N2N                       Kiran Kodithala, President and Chief Executive Officer
                        Garth Lyerly, Director of Sales
                        Meredith Pruden, Director of Marketing Communication


Check back regularly for an updated list. Companies and speakers are subject to change.