The Higher Education Enterprise Mobile App Conference, or HEEMAC, offers you and your organization opportunities to learn more about the growing field of mobile applications. If you're interested in developing a new mobile application, adding to existing ones, implementing a strategy, or you just need new ideas on mobile apps, this conference is for you!

Focus on Mobile Apps

As the adoption of mobile applications continue to increase, implementing a solution in higher education, government, and businesses has become a priority. Mobile applications or presences gives organizations the opportunity to increase audience and online presence by connecting with students, alumni citizens, employees and others on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis, regardless of their location.

Streamlining content via mobile apps is now one of the preferred and best ways to connect with a target audience, allowing content and information to be accessed easily and directly onto the audience's personal devices. Mobile apps can be an extension of the non-mobile website, or an independently designed stand-alone version that is optimized for the mobile Web experience.

Who attends HEEMAC?