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Advanced computing resources from high performance clusters to large scale visualization systems are becoming an integral part of modern research. Computation is now considered the third leg of science along on equal footing with experiment and theory. It is the Research Computing Department's mission and passion to provide researchers at USF with a full range of advanced computing resources.

Research Computing administers the CIRCE cluster for USF which currently supports over 4000 processors and will soon be upgraded to nearly 6000 processors. Research Computing's staff has installed and maintains over 100 scientific software titles on the cluster. It is our responsibility to provide these resources so that the USF researchers can focus on their research instead of maintaining computer systems. In addition to our administrative role, we offer classes and other training and consultation on the use of these advanced resources. We have recently launched a new Cluster Web Access portal to make our systems even easier to use. Research Computing also support the pedagogical goals of the University by offering support to classes that need to use advanced computing resources.

Modeling and simulation calculations are only part of the process. Visualization has become an important step in many research programs, allowing researchers to see new patterns in data an accelerating discovery. Research Computing supports the visualization needs of the University through the Advanced Visualization Center. The AVC provides students a unique visualization resource with it's one of a kind high resolution 3D wall, computer visualization lab, and staff dedicated to aiding researchers, instructors and students with their visualization needs. Please visit the AVC website for more details.

Modern research also is very often not confined to the borders of any one campus, and collaborative research is the paradigm the will continue to move new discoveries forward. Research Computing, as part of its mission to support the needs of researchers is a proud member of the Sunshine State Education and Research Computing Alliance. As well as other national groups. These memberships allow us to support the advance needs of researchers collaborating with their colleagues at other institutions.

It is our job to support researchers and students, and our greatest success is when they succeed. Please browse through our pages for some of their success stories.

Welcome to Research Computing at The University of South Florida.