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Dr. Anna Pyayt - Innovative Biomedical Instruments and Systems

 pyayt-kaplan visualization

Dr. Anna Pyayt is the head of Innovative Biomedical Instruments and Systems (IBIS) Lab at USF's Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. Her group is actively using High Performance Computing resources for many applications starting from a large scale information retrieval system for biomedical text processing, to rendering 3D visualizations for research and teaching as well as running scientific simulations for optimization of performance of biomedical devices. Her projects include medication detection in free text, systems for measurements of speed of blood coagulation, and portable EEG-based brain-computer interface for alertness and emotion detection.  Dr. Pyayt, in collaboration with Howard Kaplan from the Advanced Visualization Center, recently won the People's Choice award in the International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, published in Science (http://www.sciencemag.org/content/343/6171/600.full). 

This visualization shows the microstructure of a 2-millimeter-long fragment of self-assembled polymers which Dr. Pyayt is using to build miniature "lab-on-a-chip" devices for biomedical diagnostic applications.

Processing combinations of polymers at various temperatures or humidities creates completely different textures which can help to control the movement and proliferation of cells inside the devices. The digitally enhanced micrographs are even more revealing after members of the Advanced Visualization Center turns them into 3D images.