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Professor Woods

Advanced Materials and Devices – Theory and Simulations

Woods Research GroupDr. Lilia Woods, Associate Professor of Physics, leads a team of researchers who are at the cutting edge of novel properties and effects of complex materials and related devices. They utilize computational and analytical methods to bring fundamental science forward and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations. At present, their emphasis is on long-ranged dispersive interactions in materials and composites and how they affect materials, properties, and devices. Of particular importance are van der Waals forces, which are ubiquitous in nature. Their correct description can be a decisive factor for many applications at the nanoscale. The correct quantification of such interactions requires significant computational resources. Research Computing, a service of the department of Information Technology at USF, supports these efforts by making available advanced computational facilities. Dr. Woods' team has extensively utilized these high-performance systems for first principles calculations in systems such as graphene, silicene, and H2 storage materials, to understand electronic structure properties and the manifestation of dispersive interactions. They have also been putting forth significant efforts towards studying effective materials for energy-related applications. Their group utilizes computational methods for the design of composites and nanostructures for thermoelectric applications. In particular, electronic structure calculations have proven to be an indispensable tool not only for fundamental understanding, but also for useful inputs for experimental collaborators. They have utilized the high-performance computing (HPC) resources provided by Research Computing for the study of several complex structures suitable for low temperature and room temperature thermoelectric operation showing viable pathways for significant enhancement of energy conversion efficiency.

For more information please visit Professor Wood's website at: http://shell.cas.usf.edu/~lmwoods

The next Research Computing User's Group Forum will feature a talk from Dr. Woods, and members of her team. She will review some of their recent efforts to emphasize interesting results and predictions in these areas. Additionally, she will demonstrate the indispensable role of HPC and the available state of the art computational codes for the success of their program. The Research Computing User's Group Forum will be held in the Advanced Visualization Center on Thursday, September 26th.