Tech Fee

Technology Fee Cycle 2014-2016

The following USF System, Tampa, and Health proposals were funded for the 2014-2016 Technology Fee funds. Please check with your institution for questions regarding specific proposals.

To see the full proposal and details, email with the proposal number and a member of the program office will provide you with the information.

Funded Projects

USF System
Proposal # Title Submitted By
TFR0001005 Veterans Services Clockwork Student Change in Benefits Form Lawrence Braue
TFR0001007 Digital Maker & Collaboration Xpace Terry Osborn
TFR0001008 Technology Training Across the Curriculum Patricia Maher
TFR0001009 System wide accessible software packages Deborah McCarthy
TFR0001013 Eduroam wireless network Joseph Rogers
TFR0001014 Kanopy: Streaming Media on Demand Monica Metz-Wiseman
TFR0001016 Web Content Management System (CMS) Task Force Charlotte Koh
TFR0001018 Online Proctoring Initiative Dennis Walpole
TFR0001019 Cloud Storage Wrapper Jason Hair
TFR0001021 Project Muse Ebooks: Inspiring Scholarship Monica Metz-Wiseman
TFR0001022 Adobe Site License Agreement Carl Smith
TFR0001023 User Personalization for and Classroom Computers Jason Hair


USF Tampa
Proposal # Title Submitted By
TTFR0001007  Tampa Campus Wireless Upgr Joseph Rogers
TTFR0001009  Livescribe Smartpen Deborah McCarthy
TTFR0001011 Assistive Technology Laptops Deborah McCarthy
TTFR0001015  Digital Humanities, Digital Science Herbert Maschner
TTFR0001016  Upgrade of Classroom Technology in CWY 2nd Floor Auditorium & Classrooms John Sarao
TTFR0001020 24 Hour Access Large Format Plotters and Scanners Mark Weston
TTFR0001021 Additional user licenses for Talisma, USF's CRM solution Sarah Thomas
TTFR0001024  CIS Decision Science Classrooms Barbara Bushnell
TTFR0001025  USF Technology Instruction Sandbox Balaji Padmanabhan
TTFR0001030  Enabling Undergraduate Research with High-Performance Computing Charles Adams
TTFR0001032  Auditorium Digital Upgrade Jacqueline Fechter
TTFR0001033  Automated Classroom Attendance Glen Parker
TTFR0001038  Electronic Meeting Software to Enhance Student Learning Gert-Jan de Vreede


USF Health
Project ID Title
HSC936 Network Upgrades
HSC937 Yrs 4-5 Avg CoN
HSC938 Yrs 4-5 Avg CoPH
HSC939 Yrs 4-5 Avg MCoM
HSC940 CoN Community Upgrade
HSC941 Redundancy Backbone CoN
HSC942 Server/Storage Yr 2
HSC943 MCoM VTC Upgrades
HSC944 UPS Replacement & Management
HSC945 Department Clinical Performance
HSC946 Ent Monitor & Compl
HSC947 Shimberg Electronic Journal
HSC948 Shimberg Collab Stn
HSC949 Data Retention
HSC949-2 Data Retention
HSC950 CoPH Student Portal
HSC951 Cloud Comp Expans
HSC952 Student Printing
HSC953 Wireless Upgrade
HSC954 Switch Upgrades
HSC955 Lecture Hall Switch
HSC956 Server/Storage
HSC957 COPH Virtual Labs
HSC958 COPH Group Learning
HSC959 DPT Solar Umbrella
HSC960 DPT Room Card Access
HSC961 DPT Group Learning
HSC962 DPT Equip Locator
HSC963 Shimberg Ref PC
HSC964 Shimberg Journal
HSC965 CON MDN 1018
HSC966 CON MDN 2005/7
HSC967 CON AV Standardization
HSC968 COM Advising Track
HSC969 COM AV Standardization