Tech Purchases

Exception Approval Process

A new process for departmental technology purchases is here. For more information on the process, click here.

If the procurement is not a standard or exceeds the listed thresholds, the purchase requester will login to ServiceNow and  "Submit a Technology Purchase Exception Request" for approval. The submitted request will be automatically routed to the appropriate personnel for approval. If approved, the procurement can proceed.

Before you start

To complete the approval form, select “Submit a Tech Purchase Request.” A form will display. Complete the form by entering the information requested as follows:

Once Completed

When completed, the requestor submits the request for approval. A request number will be assigned and will be confirmed back to the requestor by email. The requestor can check on the status of the request at any time by returning to the web site and choosing the “Check Status” tab or link.


When approved the requestor will be notified by email. The requestor can proceed with the purchase or the appropriate Purchasing Department process. Purchasing will only process the Purchase Order after receiving verification that the UTSB has approved the request. Please add your Request Number in your Purchase Requisition for easy reference.


If you are denied you will be notified by email.  The requestor may appeal the decision through the University Technology Standard Board (UTSB) process by simply notifying the same person handling the exception request. The appeal will be considered by the UTSB and a recommendation made to the Vice President for Information Technology.