Tech Purchases


USF has a wide variety of standard, pre-approved software available to the entire USF system. All software listed on the USF Departmental Technology Ordering website has been pre-approved for purchase and support.

USF St. Petersburg and USF-Sarasota-Manatee: Please check with your IT department to make sure the device you want to purchase will be approved for support.

Get Started

Browse the USF Departmental Technology Ordering website.  Don't forget to check the delivery instructions, since they can vary by campus. 

Not Listed?

If you are unable to find approved software that meets your needs, and/or the software purchases exceeds $1,000, you want to purchase a 10 user license pack or greater, or use software designated for general use classrooms and labs, then please review and complete the Technology Exception Approval Process. Be sure to choose "Application/Software" (or "Server Operating System") for the product type when filling out the form.

If you have quotes from other vendors or additional information about your requested purchase, please attach them to the form using the paperclip icon.

Not Listed and Does Not Meet Criteria

If your software was not listed on the site and does NOT meet any of the criteria above, then you can purchase it directly using approved USF purchasing methods. Review purchasing methods and how to buy, here.

Need Help?

If you have questions or are unsure of what your purchase may include or affect, feel free to contact us for help.