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The Rocky-morphosis

Robert Bickle and the "Golden Brahman"

Robert Bickle, right, submits the “Golden Brahma” as a mascot candidate. The name later became the Golden Brahmans.

USF's logo isn't the only iconic image that has evolved over the years.

By Penny Carnathan ‘82, Life Member

USF’s logo isn’t the only iconic university image that’s been nipped, tucked and tweaked over the years. Beloved mascot Rocky D. Bull has also changed with the times.

He started life as a Golden Brahman in 1962. Realizing USF needed a mascot to engrave on its first class rings, the student government put the matter to a vote of all its 2,000-plus constituents. The Golden Brahma came in second to the Buccaneers, but the naming committee nixed the Bucs, believing another Florida school had already claimed it. So Golden Brahma we were. But not for long!

When committee members learned the other school was actually the Pirates, they decided we would, indeed, become swaggering Buccaneers. Alas, their ruling sparked great discord! The issue again was put to a vote, Bucs vs. Brahmas, and we again became Golden Brahmas. That is, until a local newspaper reporter pointed out that a Brahma is a chicken breed.

With the addition of an “n” a Golden Brahman – ultimately, our Bull – was born.

Early Drawings of Rocky the mascot

1962: Early drawings of the Buccaneer and the Golden Brahman.

Statue of the old Rocky at homecoming and the Golden Brahmans artwork

From left, 1970: Rocky at a homecoming activity; 1974 Golden Brahmans artwork.

Rocky and the USF Cheerleaders

1977: Rocky and the USF Cheerleaders.

University Police dressed as crime-prevention superhero: Brahman Man and Rocky mascot in the 80s

From left, 1983: University Police create crime-prevention superhero Brahman Man; Rocky in the 80s

Rocky in the 90s

1997: Rocky's late 90's style


Rocky in 2007 showing off USF spirit license plate

2007: Rocky shows off a new look and his USF spirit license plate.

2018 Rocky at the Homecoming game against UCONN

2018:Rocky wears his SoFlo uniform at the Oct. 20, 2018 Homecoming game against UCONN. Photo courtesy of USF Athletics.