Community Engagement

Coastal Field Trips

During Coastal Ecology field trips learners explore mangroves, fishes, sea grass meadows, oyster bars, and plankton communities

The CMS Education team offers a series of outdoor, experiential, coastal field trips for K-12 school groups, college courses, and citizen science groups. Field trips and courses focus on coastal ecology, geology, watersheds and conservation.

  • Custom-designed Field and Lab-based Explorations at Clam Bayou Marine Education Center
  • Coastal Ecology and Estuary Chemistry at Fort de Soto
  • Ocean Conservation at Shell Key
  • Coastal Geology at Caladesi Island

During field trips to Clam Bayou Marine Education Center learners are immersed in a series of customizable outdoor and indoor activities. Teachers choose the activities that meet their educational goals. Students are immersed in authentic, marine science field and lab work, including career exploration.

“This field trip was an excellent hands-on learning experience for my elementary school scholars, who need this type of exposure to real life science in their local community. This is where the learning starts and hopefully turns into a passion! Being a Title 1 school limits our opportunities, and the grant we secured for this field trip was invaluable.” –Sandrine Mason, Teacher of Gifted and Talented, Maximo and Melrose