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Nicola Guisewhite

Nicola Guisewhite

Nicola Guisewhite - USF CMS graduate student

About my research

Before coming to CMS, I completed a B.S. at Penn State University in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences with a minor in Marine Sciences.  I completed that minor during a study abroad program at the University of Southampton in Southampton, England, and gained a passion for chemical oceanography and related fieldwork.  I studied air-sea interactions and decided to use the experience I gained to pursue a Master’s degree in Chemical Oceanography.  While at CMS, I plan to research carbon concentrations in the Southern Ocean using data collected from a circumnavigation of Antarctica by a saildrone.


I chose to attend CMS because of the professors and staff that I will have the privilege to work with. When I came to visit, everyone was so welcoming and eager to hear about my experiences, as well as open to sharing their ideas and opinions.  They expressed not only the abundant opportunities I could pursue as a part of CMS, but also how willing they were to help me achieve my goals.  It is such an amazing atmosphere to share and perform research and I am so thankful to be a part of it.