Chemical Oceanography

Nancy L. Williams

Nancy L. Williams

Nancy L. Williams

Assistant Professor
Chemical Oceanography
Office Phone: 727.553.1168
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Southern Ocean Science




Research: Ocean Carbon Cycle, Marine Carbonate Chemistry, Ocean Acidification

Specialties: Carbon Dioxide, Climate-Quality Data, Biogeochemical Sensors, Autonomous Platforms, Climate Models


Sutton, A. J., Williams, N. L., & Tilbrook, B. (2021). Constraining Southern Ocean CO 2 Flux Uncertainty Using Uncrewed Surface Vehicle Observations. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(3), 1–9.

Dr. Williams studies the ocean’s role in the modern global carbon cycle with the ultimate goal of improving future projections of ocean carbon uptake. To accomplish this she makes ocean observations using a variety of tools ranging from discrete and underway water sampling methods to autonomous platforms equipped with biogeochemical sensors. Dr. Williams also analyzes publicly-available output from fully-coupled Earth System Models to understand how these new ocean observations can inform model development.

Dr. Williams’ past work has focused specifically on the Southern Ocean around Antarctica as part of the SOCCOM project but the tools she uses can be employed to study any ocean region. She is also interested in ocean acidification, or how increasing ocean carbon dioxide content is changing ocean chemistry and affecting marine organisms, and data she collects can inform biological ocean acidification studies. Having arrived at the USF College of Marine Science in October 2019, Dr. Williams is currently building both her lab and her group and is always interested in speaking with potential collaborators or graduate students who are interested in working on related research questions.  For a list of publications and recent news stories about Dr. Williams’ research, please visit her website.