Retired Emeritus

Edward S. VanVleet

Edward S. VanVleet

Retired-Emeritus, Professor
Chemical Oceanography
Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1978
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Research Interests

Since coming to the University of South Florida in 1979, my research has focused mainly on the biogeoChemical cycling of natural and anthropogenic organic compounds in the marine environment. The fundamental goal of this research is to investigate how we can use these organic compounds as molecular markers to study other cycles and pathways occurring in the oceans.

Over the past several years, some specific research projects carried out in my laboratory have included the following: (1) bioChemical production, storage, and transfer of metabolic energy reserves in Antarctic mid-water food webs; (2) production and cycling of archaebacterial phytanyl ether lipids in anoxic and hypersaline oceanic systems; (3) inputs, fates, and effects of oil pollution in the marine environment; (4) use of organic biomarkers to trace inputs, dispersal and accumulation of terrestrial and urban run off; and (5) uptake and accumulation of toxic metals, hydrocarbons and pesticides by marine organisms. Although I anticipate carrying out more research in tropical-subtropical systems over the next few years, I also plan to remain involved in global programs as well. My previous research has been carried out both locally (Florida coastal waters and Gulf of Mexico) and in such other areas as the Antarctic, Italy, Mexico, Africa, and South America. In addition, cooperative programs have been carried out in Germany and China. Analytically, we are equipped with several high resolution gas chromatographs, a combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, an Iatroscan lipid class analyzer, and a high performance liquid chromatograph. Also available in the Department are an organic carbon analyzer, elemental (CNH) analyzer, stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer, and most other equipment necessary for full organic geoChemical work.