Retired Emeritus

Kendall L. Carder

Kendall L. Carder

Retired-Emeritus, Professor
Ocean Optics
Ph.D., Oregon State University, 1970
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Research Interests

I specialize in optics, radiative transfer, and remote sensing in order to ascertain various ocean properties: pigments, detritus, dissolved organic matter, shallow bathymetry, and sea grass coverage. Since as much as 90% of the visible signal collected from space is derived from the atmosphere even on relatively clear days, mathematical removal of the atmospheric effects of molecular and aerosol scatter and absorption is required in order to observe the ocean. Then, in order to assess the bottom components in shallow waters, another 80% or so of water scattering and absorption effects must be removed. To assist with model development and validation, the optical properties of the ocean and bottom are also measured. A temporal and thematic range of papers are listed below from determining particle properties and dynamics to deriving atmospheric, ocean, and bottom properties from aircraft and space. Applications to red-tide, global carbon-cycle, and heat-budget research are inherent in the themes of these papers.