Retired Emeritus

Luis Garcia-Rubio

Luis Garcia-Rubio

Retired-Emeritus, Professor
Chemical Oceanography
Ph. D., McMaster University, Canada, 1981
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Research Interests: Mathematical Modeling, Sensor Development and Instrumentation, Spectroscopy, Light Scattering, Remote Sensing, Microbial Detection, Micron and Sub-micron Particle Characterization

Dr. Garcia-Rubio’s team focuses on sensor development for real-time continuous monitoring of biological and environmental processes with particular emphasis on quantitative characterization of micron and submicron particles. This research couples state-of-the-art analytical techniques in spectroscopy and microbiology to provide a detailed characterization of microorganisms and cells. In addition to marine bio-particles, the technology developed through this research has important applications in veterinary applications and medical diagnosis.

Quantum Leaps in Disease Detection