The USF Center for Maritime and Port Studies


Maritime Response to Puerto Rico Following Hurricane MariaShip tracks near Puerto Rico in October 2017

  • Characterizing maritime activity around the island using vessel traffic records
  • Vessels arrivals into port, their arrival dates, vessel class, and flag countries
  • Vessels waiting offshore and their duration offshore
  • Activity after lifting of Jones Act restrictions

Ship Wakes, Tampa Bay

Cargo Wake

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) is mined for vessel movement data
  • Ship wake heights are estimated using empirical relation for displacement
  • Ship Wakes in Tampa Bay. 2019. Technical Report #06-19 of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program. Prepared by the USF Center for Maritime and Port Studies, College of Marine Science. (S.D. Meyers and M.E. Luther). 68pp.

Safe Navigation

Port Manatee Navigation

  • Vessel maneuvers in shipping channels restricted by wind and tide
  • Determined by PORTS data and marine forecast models
  • New methods to distribute and utilize these data are being developed
  • Changes to tidal windows under sea level rise

Extreme Weather

Hurricane Matthew

Sonification of Pressure Gauge data

Scientific Advisory