Academic Programs

Academic Program Review

In accordance with Regulation 6C-8.015, the BOG requires the cyclic review of all academic degree programs in State universities at least every seven years. Programs with specialized accreditation that includes external reviews may substitute that process for the purpose of program review. The results of the program reviews are expected to inform strategic planning, program development, and budgeting decisions at the university level and, when appropriate at the state level.

Academic Program Review Process and Procedure

The USF Program Review Procedures provide a description of the Academic Program Review process and guidelines for the reports that are required for the review.

Guidelines for Academic Program Review
Undergraduate Program Self Study
Graduate Program Self Study
Inter-Departmental Program Self Study
Department Self Study
Dean's Report
External Reviewer's Guidelines
External Consultant Selection Checklist Form
Itinerary Template - Template 1 (Opening Lunch); Template 2 (Opening Dinner)
Board of Governors Executive Summary Report Template

Program Review Resources

Board of Governor's Regulation 6C-8.015
Program Review Schedule 2014-2021 - USF Tampa
Program Review Schedule 2014-2021 - USF St. Petersburg
Program Review Schedule 2014-2021 - USF Sarasota-Manatee
Program Review Orientation Presentation
Program Review Online Document Library (Xitracs)
Request for Extension of Time for Program Review
Report on Employment and Salary Data for USF Graduates (FETPIP Data)
Web form to request FETPIP Data for your CIP Code
USF Policy 10-062