Academic Programs

New Academic Programs & Change of Status

The University of South Florida Board of Trustees (USF BOT) has the responsibility and authority to approve for implementation new degree programs at the bachelor's, master's, advanced master's, and specialist level in accordance with BOG Regulation 6C-8.011 and USF Policy 10-036.

The USF BOT must also recommend new professional and research doctorate programs to the Florida Board of Governors who gives final approval for the implementation of these programs.

New Academic Degree Program Authorization Resources

Authorization of a new degree program at USF is a two-step process that begins with the faculty and ends with approval by the BOT or BOG. The new degree program process is initiated by the Undergraduate Council for Baccalaureate degrees and the Graduate Council for Master and Doctoral degrees.

Information on the process for establishing a new academic degree program is available on the USF System Academics Resources website.