Academic and Student Support Services Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness facilitates the reporting of the academic and student support services assessments at the University of South Florida. The focus of this facilitation is to satisfy SACSCOC requirement 8.2.c by encouraging assessment activities that lead to continual improvement of existing programs and services:

Requirement 8.2.c: "The institution identifies expected outcomes, assesses the extent to which it achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of seeking improvement based on analysis of the results of academic and student services that support student success" (p. 20). (Student outcomes: academic and student services)

Note: Academic and support services units provide direct support to faculty and students as related to their educational programs, indirect support for student learning, or a specific co-curricular mission that supports the college experience. Examples of these units include admissions, financial aid, academic records, the academic success center, the writing center, career services, computer labs, university police, student life/affairs units, ATLE, etc. Other units that are also included are athletics, diversity & inclusion, college deans offices, Innovative Education, USF World, and USF Libraries.

Information on creating and implementing an assessment plan for an academic and student support service unit is available on the Assessment Resources page.