Administrative Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness provides support for the assessment of all administrative support units at the University of South Florida. The focus of this assistance is to satisfy SACSCOC requirements by encouraging assessment activities that lead to the continuous improvement of existing services.

SACSCOC 7.3 - "The institution identifies expected outcomes of its administrative support services and demonstrates the extent to which the outcomes are achieved" (p. 19). (Administrative effectiveness)

This requirement is part of the SACSCOC Core Requirement for ongoing "Institutional Planning and Effectiveness." The purpose of this Core Requirement is to ensure that the institution has an appropriate broad-based approach to institution-wide effectiveness that supports its mission and serves as a framework for planning. This is followed by evaluation activities that allow the institution to discern whether it is making the progress it anticipated in its planning efforts, and making corrections as needed.

Administrative support service units generally serve the educational mission of the institution in a much more indirect way than do offices related to educational programs or academic support and student services. Examples of administrative support units include finance, facilities management, parking and transportation, administrative services, human resources, advancement, the president's office, etc.

Expected outcomes for administrative support services typically include outcomes such as efficiency and quality of service targets (e.g., energy usage, response times, error rates, "clean report" targets, satisfaction rates), monetary targets (e.g., fund-raising targets, research grant targets, auxiliary income targets), etc. Often, the goals are explicit parts of the budgeting process or components of the strategic plan.

At USF, it is expected that all administrative support service units have developed and implemented a process for setting goals and objectives, measuring the extent to which they are met, and making improvements to the unit's functioning based on the results of the measures.

NOTE: Effective with the 2018-19 fiscal year, administrative units that do not directly provide academic or student support services will no longer be required to report assessment activities in SAM. However, annual assessment reports must be archived at the unit level and available for inclusion in accreditation reports.