System Academic Planning


The ODS-Academic Planning Office coordinates new academic programs, including degree program terminations and suspensions and the five-year master academic plan; administers the course proposal system; coordinates APAC meetings and facilitates SCNS course submissions. It is the central repository for academic information, such as curriculum codes and the USF degree inventory.

Academic Program Advisory Council - The Academic Program Advisory Council (APAC) is a USF Council that reviews and recommends pre-proposal, new program proposals, and suspension and termination of existing degree programs.

Academic Program Planning - The Academic Program Planning page provides information on curriculum definitions, pre-proposals, concept, new and terminated program proposals, as well as links to USF institution processes.

Helpful Information - This page provides a dynamic flowchart to help guide users in determining the process to follow in curriculum planning. It also provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to Academic Planning.

Program Planning Deadlines - The deadlines page provides timelines for submitting pre-proposal, new degree and concept proposals in order to meet curriculum deadlines. It also provides the phases and steps involved with submitting pre-proposals and new degree proposals.

Degree Inventory - This page displays the USF Academic Degree Programs Inventory and a link to the Florida State University System's Academic Program Inventory.

Curriculum Codes - Current curriculum codes are displayed on this page. The information may be filtered, sorted and downloaded. The page also provides a list of many discontinued curriculum codes and links to catalogs.

Proposals Tracking - The proposal tracking page is a concise, central repository of current and past pre-proposals and new degree proposals that are currently undergoing approval or have been fully vetted.

Course Proposal System - The course proposal system is an integrated USF electronic proposal site. This site is the official USF course proposal site that is used by faculty at the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee campuses to propose new courses and changes to existing undergraduate and graduate courses.

Course Inventory - Course inventory is a central repository of all courses USF is approved to offer.

SA Team - The Academic Planning team page provides a registry of the Academic Planning staff and their contact information.