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Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad enriches the college experience in tangible and intangible ways, and can lead to exceptional career and professional prospects. ONS encourages students to explore their options for undertaking international educational and research experiences.


The Office of National Scholarships collaborates with the Education Abroad Office to present a Funding Week during each fall and spring semester for students who are planning to study abroad. This week features presentations on all types of funding and scholarship opportunities that are typically utilized by students at USF, including national scholarships.

The ONS Funding Week presentation will consist of:

- What are national scholarships?
- Which scholarships support study abroad and how do I apply?
- How to research your country of interest
- How to write a competitive statement

Dates for Funding Week and ONS office hours in the Education Abroad Gateway Office (MSC 3301) can be found on the ONS Calendar when available.

Dates for this workshop series are on the ONS Calendar.

Check out Roberto's story for a student perspective of the study abroad scholarship experience, and the ONS application process!