USF Fulbright Day 2020

USF Fulbright Day 2020 has been cancelled. Please direct any questions to Ms. Lauren Chambers at lschumac@honors.usf.edu.

Thank you for your understanding!

Join us for USF’s third annual Fulbright Day! Held on Thursday, April 9, 2020, USF Fulbright Day is a campus wide event that celebrates international education through USF’s Fulbright legacy with the Fulbright Scholar Program (for US and foreign Faculty) and the Fulbright Student Program (for US and foreign Students).

Recently, USF was named a TOP PRODUCING INSTITUTION for Fulbright US Scholars for 2019-2020, with 9 USF faculty members receiving Fulbright’s!

On April 9, two events will be held to celebrate USF Fulbright Day: a USF Fulbright Student Alumni Panel and a Celebratory Reception

The Alumni Panel will feature USF student alumni sharing their Fulbright experiences, including why they applied, and how a Fulbright impacted their career goals.  

Panelists will include:

Jonathan Capps – Fulbright Alumni Ambassador – Creative Arts Award Recipient to Finland

Margeaux Chavez - Fulbright English Teaching Grant Recipient to Germany

Francesca (Frankie) Dunn - Foreign Fulbright Student Recipient Studying in the US from the United Kingdom

Leslie Elsasser - Fulbright Research Grant Recipient to India

Claire Gorey - Fulbright Research Grant Recipient to The Netherlands

Natalie Kass – Fulbright English Teaching Grant Recipient to Macau

Katherine (Kat) Lewis - Fulbright Research Grant Recipient to South Korea

The Celebratory Reception will be a chance for students, faculty and staff to network and celebrate USF and Senator J. William Fulbright, as April 9 is Senator Fulbright’s Birthday! Former Faculty and Student Fulbright alumni will attend, as will USF’s current foreign Fulbright Faculty and Students.

The Alumni Panel will begin at 2:30pm and the Celebratory Reception will begin at 4pm. Both events will be held in MSC 2708.

Questions? Email USF Student Fulbright Program Advisor (FPA) Ms. Lauren Chambers at lschumac@honors.usf.edu.

USF Fulbright Day 2019 Panelists

USF Fulbright Day 2019 Panelists Share Their Fulbright Experiences
Pictured from Left to Right: Kevin Orner (Panelist), Lauren Shumate (Panelist), Catherine Law (Panelist), Jenna Dionisio (Panelist), Mary Wynn Karatal (Panelist).


USF Fulbright Day 2019 Special Guest

USF Fulbright Day 2019
Mr. Hoyt Purvis served as press secretary and special assistant to U.S. Sen. J. William Fulbright and as foreign and defense policy adviser to Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd. Purvis was chair of the presidentially appointed Fulbright Scholarship Board from 1993-2003. At USF Fulbright Day 2019, Mr. Purvis served as special guest speaker for the Alumni Panel.