Guidance and Advice

Leadership and Civic Engagement

Competitive scholarship applicants are more than their GPA. In conjunction with academic excellence, students should demonstrate leadership and civic engagement experience.

Leadership and Civic Engagement experiences will help you advance skill sets, such as: interpersonal communication, goal-setting, conflict resolution, team-building, ethics, critical thinking, and project planning

The following are great ways to get started in leadership and civic engagement roles:

Join a campus organization.
- Leadership often begins with campus involvement with an organization that aligns with your academic and professional goals
- Already active on campus? Ask for a leadership role within your organization.
- Think about ways to create solutions and not just act as a facilitator of meetings and events.

Get involved in the community.

- Become aware of an issue in your community and build an intentional relationship with a nonprofit or civic organization
- Practice strategies to become a catalyst for positive social change: Service, philanthropy, intergroup dialogue, peer education, organizational leadership