Guidance and Advice

Impactful Personal Essays

Personal essays explain who you are, why you are applying, and what you plan to accomplish with the award. Essays are your chance to convince the panel why you deserve to be a scholarship recipient.

Successful personal statements follow the guidelines below:

Engage: Your essays should reflect YOU. It is important draw your reader into your essay and compel them to feel connected to your story and your future. Writing is a solo act, but the result is intended to be shared.

Envision: Convince the reader you are a perfect fit for what you propose. How does your academic background and professional experience align with the vision and legacy of the award? Why is this opportunity the logical next step toward your goals?

Excel: Write clearly and succinctly to communicate your story. Be proactive and begin researching and writing early to allow time for feedback and essay revisions. Utilize ONS advisors and other resources to polish your writing.

For further assistance, we recommend the following resources: