Guidance and Advice

Prestigious Awards to the UK

Pursuing higher studies in the United Kingdom are an integral element of the history and legacy of the academic and public service community of the United States. Many Marshall and Rhodes scholars have excelled in public service at the highest levels of US government or gone on to become outstanding artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists.

To qualify for these scholarships a candidate's academic trajectory and record in community and global engagement must provide compelling evidence of intention and commitment to a specific calling.

Winning these awards, some of which require endorsement by the Office of the President, are a matter of USF pride and prestige.

Students who are interested in eventually pursuing these awards must go through a serious process of vetting, advising and mentoring at ONS, beginning as early as their sophomore year. Additionally they should note:

Students must attend the seminar "Studying for a higher degree in the United Kingdom" and one of the seminars, "Taking risks as an intellectual investment" or "Global Engagement for STEM majors" (if you are a STEM student) to be eligible for self-nomination. Dates for these seminars will be listed on the ONS Calendar.

The Rhodes, Marshall, and Gates-Cambridge Scholarships require an institutional screening process prior to institutional endorsement:

Please contact Dr. Basu, Director of ONS, at for further guidance.