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Samuel Steck

Samuel Steck

 Samuel Steck
London, Summer 2018

“I felt I had a second home.”

The resources that USF provided throughout my Gilman application process were immensely helpful while applying and were significant contributors to my success. The Office of National Scholarships (ONS) was an outstanding resource throughout the process. Lauren Bartshe and Lauren Roberts, who were the ones with specialized knowledge about the Gilman Scholarship, were able to answer any questions regarding my application, my essay, and the study abroad experience. If anyone plans on applying for any scholarship, the Office of National Scholarships is their best resource. ONS can help at any step along the way and can provide insight that will allow anyone to view studying abroad as more than just a trip, but an experience. The guidance I received significantly helped me stay motivated to apply for scholarships, write more genuine essays, and made me much more excited to go abroad. ONS, advisors, and USF Education Abroad all contributed to the most remarkable semester I have had at USF.

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Studying abroad seems scary, as most students are going to an unknown place that is far away from wherever they typically consider home. Often students are nervous because they are going abroad without having friends on the same program. I studied abroad in London, England, and after a month, I felt that I had a second home, dozens of new friends, and memories that will last a lifetime. Many things may discourage someone before committing or leaving for a study abroad experience; those small discomforts and speculative unknowns are the feelings that make studying abroad as amazing and life-changing as it was for me. If anyone has an opportunity to study abroad anywhere, take advantage of it. You won’t be let down.

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