Claire Gorey

Claire Gorey imageClaire Gorey
2017 Fulbright US Student Program Research Grant to the Netherlands

Claire Gorey, originally from Arlington Heights, IL, is a proud recipient of the 2017 Fulbright US Student Program Research Grant to the Netherlands. This award allowed Claire to conduct research in Amsterdam on mechanisms that may be responsible for the observed gateway effects (i.e., transition to harder drugs) of Cannabis.

"Amsterdam is the ideal location for Cannabis-related research because it allows for the examination of these mechanisms in real world, social settings," she says. "Additionally, it allows for a unique opportunity to compare American to Dutch individuals given that Amsterdam is a hub for American expats - a question that will begin to unravel why the Dutch are less likely than Americans to transition to harder drugs."

In addition to research, she is co-teaching two courses at the University of Amsterdam on addiction-related concepts. This has afforded her the opportunity to learn new teaching strategies (problem-focused learning, concept mapping) to enhance learning outcomes.

Claire worked closely with ONS throughout the application process. "ONS was absolutely crucial in helping me secure a Fulbright grant," she says. "For every grant, the panel of judges is different; in order to receive the award, you have to know what your audience is looking for to gear your essays accordingly. ONS had very good advice on how to do so and helped us every step of the way! I cannot thank them enough for their support."

She attributes her success to a mix of luck and skill. "I believe successes in life also come with a series of failures," says Claire. "You have to gain as much expertise as possible to be competitive for certain jobs, grants, etc. After that, success is a mix or luck and skill. You just have to keep trying and know eventually an amazing opportunity will come your way."

In the future, Claire plans to conduct research that informs real-world policy making. She would like to work in a government or academic position.

Congratulations to Claire on winning the 2017 Fulbright US Student Program Research Grant!

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