Clarisse Barbier

Clarisse Barbier imageClarisse Barbier
2017 Fulbright US Student Program Research Grant to Burkina Faso

Clarisse Barbier, originally from Colmar, France, is a proud recipient of the 2017 Fulbright US Student Program research grant to Burkina Faso, a country in Africa. Her Fulbright win afforded her the opportunity to conduct an ethnographic study of Burkinabe women accused of witchcraft, and to examine women's experience of accusation, trauma, and building new forms of identity and solidarity.

Clarisse worked closely with the Office of National Scholarships to complete her Fulbright application. "USF, and more specifically the Office of National Scholarships, was a great help to prepare my Fulbright application," she says. "I am also very grateful to my professors in applied anthropology - Dr. Deubel my advisor, Dr. Lende and Dr. Dillon for their recommendation letters."

She attributes her success to having the courage to follow her heart. "I have a high level of motivation, put in a lot or work, and have [cultural] experience due to my French and American background, as well as courage," she says. "I realize not everyone would decide to live in another country where you may not have the same comfort, and some risk related to terrorist attack."

Clarisse is confident this opportunity will help her achieve her future goals. "Fulbright is a great chance to create an interesting network. "This award will help me conduct my research in Burkina Faso and hopefully will allow me to stay longer in the country for my research," she says.

After the completion of her research grant, Clarisse will write her dissertation and complete all requirements for her PhD.

Congratulations to Clarisse Barbier on her 2017 Fulbright research grant to Burkina Faso!

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