Greeshma James

Greeshma James imageGreeshma James
2017 Critical Language Scholarship - Hindi language learning in India

Greeshma James, originally from Punta Gorda, FL, is a proud recipient of the 2017 Critical Language Scholarship. The Critical Language Scholarship funds study abroad programs focused on increasing knowledge of critical languages.

She spent eight weeks in India, participating in a culturally and linguistically immersive experience. The Critical Language Scholarship was instrumental in her language learning ability. "I made tremendous strides in my language abilities and improved my cultural knowledge," she says. The experience provided an environment in which she could thrive while learning the Hindi language.

Throughout the application process, she worked closely with ONS. "ONS was imperative in my application process for CLS. The CLS advisor revised my multiple drafts and helped me determine what to focus on in my essays. Their encouragement and advice to not underestimate myself was incredibly helpful," says Greeshma.

She attributes her success to a strong support system. "Having several people provide constructive feedback on my essays was useful in helping me articulate my thoughts and goals with more clarity," she says. "Additionally, showing my commitment by setting concrete goals was helpful not just for the application, but also for my own confidence."

Greeshma feels this award has been crucial to her desire to work in India. "As Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, being able to communicate effectively in it will open a new world of opportunities for me," she says. "I would like to work with marginalized populations in India by providing free medical services and by being a mental health advocate. This award has jump started my Hindi learning journey and has been crucial in solidifying my interest in working in India."

In the future, she plans to attend medical school, and then work for the NGO Physicians for Human Rights (PHR). Specifically, she would like to work with PHR to provide pro bono medical evaluations for asylum seekers and assist with other human rights issues. She also wishes to return to India to volunteer medical services in rural areas, which would allow her to further utilize use of the Hindi language.

Congratulations to Greeshma on winning the 2017 Critical Language Scholarship!

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